CHESTER LabNet has the capabilities to analyze samples using the following instrumentation: X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption (GFAA), Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma Atomic Emission (ICP or ICAP), Ion Chromatography (IC) and a wide variety of wet chemical methods. A list of methods commonly run by CLN, along with links to each, is provided.

CHESTER LabNet routinely receives requests for updated or most current copies of methods. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, most U.S. Government air quality methods are now available in an easily downladable/prinable form. CLN makes no claims about the currency of these methods; they are presented here as an aid to our clients. We have links to the following method sites:

CHESTER LabNet Methods List
This list shows commonly used methods, and is not all inclusive. For methods capabilities not on this list, please contact us.
US EPA IO Methods 40 CFR 60 Source Testing Methods
Method Number Analyte/Element Instrumentation Method Number Analyte Instrumentation
3.1 TSP Gravimetric 5 Particulates Gravimetric
3.1 PM10 Gravimetric 6 SO2 Titrimetirc
3.1 Metals Prep. Wet Chemical 7 NOx IC
3.2 Metals GFAA 8 H2SO4/SO2 Titrimetric
3.3 Metals XRF 12 Pb ICP
3.4 Metals ICP 13b F IC
3.5 Metals ICP-MS 26 HF, HCl, HBr & Cl2, Br2 IC
40 CFR 50 Ambient Air Testing Methods 26a HF, HCl, HBr & Cl2, Br2 IC
Method Number Analyte Instrumentation 29 Multi-Metals ICP
Appendix B TSP Gravimetric 101 Hg CVAA
Appendix J PM10 Gravimetric 101A Hg CVAA
Appendix L PM 2.5 Gravimetric 102
CARB Methods 103
Method Number Analyte Instrumentation 105
421 HF & HCl IC 108 As ICP
423 As GFAA 201
Particulates Gravimetric
425 Total Cr GFAA 201A
Particulates Gravimetric
425 Cr VI IC/PCR 202
Particulates Gravimetric
436 Multiple Metals ICP 306
EPA Water/Wastewater Methods NIOSH Methods
Method Number Analyte Instrumentation Method Number Analyte/Element Instrumentation
200.1 Metals Prep. Wet Chemical 0500 Particualtes Gravimetric
300.0 Anions IC 0600 Particulates Gravimetric
300.7 Cations ICP-MS 5040 Elemental Carbon OC/EC
340.2 F GFAA 6001 Arsine GFAA
350.3 NH4 CVAA 6004 SO2 IC
EPA SW-846 Methods 6009 Hg CVAA
Method Number Analyte Instrumentation 6011 Br2 & Cl2 IC
3050 Metals Prep. Wet Chemical 6016 NH4 IC
6010 Metals IC 7300 Metals ICP
6020 Metals ICP-MS 7605 Cr VI IC
7000 series Metals GFAA 7902 F IC
7470 Hg CVAA 7903 Inorganic Acids IC
7471 Hg CVAA      


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